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The Second Opinion: Good Faith in the Shadow of Contractual Rights

A Commentary on Recent Legal Developments by the Opinions Group of McCarthy Tétrault LLP

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Are parties under a duty of good faith in deciding whether to exercise a right of non-renewal when the term of an evergreen contract comes to an end?  In Bhasin v. Hrynew, 2013 ABCA 98, the Alberta Court of Appeal said no, at least where the evergreen clause does not contain an express provision to this effect.  The ruling… → Read More

This Week at the SCC (14/12/2012)

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Cases Decided The Supreme Court of Canada released one decision this week of interest to Canadian businesses and professions. In Reference re Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2010-167 and Broadcasting Order CRTC 2010-168, 2012 SCC 68, Rothstein J. for the majority of the Court held that the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (“CRTC”) lacked the jurisdiction to… → Read More

OCA to Consider Contractual Termination Right Due to Tarnished Reputations

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The Ontario Court of Appeal will consider whether a party to a sponsorship agreement can terminate the agreement where the counterparty suffers a loss of public reputation. This case involved a sponsorship relationship between the Canadian Soccer Association and Hyundai Auto Canada Corporation. Hyundai agreed to be a sponsor of the Association, agreeing to pay… → Read More

OCA to Consider ESA Obligations In CCAA Proceedings

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The Court of Appeal will be called upon to determine whether Employment Standards Act obligations, such as termination and severance pay, can be discharged by a Debtor-in-Possession in a CCAA proceeding. In Windsor Machine, Justice Morawetz heard an application by the union representing the employees of a debtor company. The debtor company had terminated all… → Read More