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This Week at the SCC (05/07/2013)

A Commentary on Recent Legal Developments by the Opinions Group of McCarthy Tétrault LLP

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The Supreme Court of Canada released reasons for judgment in one case and denied leave to appeal in two cases of interest to Canadian business and professions.

In Canadian National Railway Co. v. McKercher LLP, 2013 SCC 39, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that a law firm breached its duty to avoid conflicting interests, its duty of commitment to its client’s cause, and its duty of candour to its client when it, without its client’s consent or knowledge, accepted a significant retainer against its client and terminated various retainers with its client in the process.  However, the … Continue Reading

This Week at the SCC (25/01/2013)

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Cases Heard

The Supreme Court of Canada heard arguments this week in two cases of interest to Canadian businesses and professions, and reserved judgment in each.

The first is an appeal from Guay Inc. c. Payette, 2011 QCCA 2282, in which the Quebec Court of Appeal held that restrictive covenants which precluded the appellant from competing with or soliciting customers of the respondent for five years after termination of his employment were valid, notwithstanding the trial judge’s findings below that the appellant had been wrongfully dismissed by the respondent and that the covenants were too broad to be enforced.

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