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Does the Duty to Inform Apply Solely to the Contracting Parties?

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In Camions Daimler Canada ltée v. Camions Sterling de Lévis inc., 2017 QCCA 798, the Quebec Court of Appeal confirmed that the duty to inform that exists between contracting parties, which has been recognized as a general principle of Quebec contractual law since the early 1980s, may also apply to third parties, insofar as they might be impacted by the contractual relationship.… Continue Reading

Brown v. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce: A Nail in the Coffin for “Misclassification” Overtime Class Actions or Class Counsel Growing Pains?

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In Brown v. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, 2013 ONSC 1284, the Divisional Court of Ontario further confirmed the approach to, and difficulty with, “misclassification” overtime class-actions (i.e. class actions alleging that an employer has unlawfully misclassified employees and managers to avoid the obligation to pay overtime). The Divisional Court, armed with the decisions of the Ontario Court of Appeal in the “Overtime Trilogy” (Fulawka v. Bank of Nova Scotia, 2012 ONCA 443; Fresco v. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, 2012 ONCA 444; and McCracken v. Canadian National Railway Company, 2012 ONCA 445) upheld Justice Strathy’s denial … Continue Reading

The Second Opinion: Contracting Out of the Limitations Act — The Ontario Court of Appeal Provides Guidance

A Commentary on Recent Legal Developments by the Opinions Group of McCarthy Tétrault LLP

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When will a contractual provision purporting to shorten a statutory limitation period be effective?  The Ontario Court of Appeal addressed this issue in its recent decision in Boyce v. The Co-Operators Insurance Company, 2013 ONCA 298.

The facts of the Boyce are straightforward.  The owners of a fashion boutique suffered loss as a result of a foul odour in their business premises on October 20, 2010.  They sued their insurer in February 2012 – more than a year after suffering the underlying loss – seeking indemnification for the loss.… Continue Reading